VaporBack Publishing

Fiction On The Fly™

Vaporback, a dynamic, independent new digital imprint, is a division of Vaporback Publishing, Inc.  Specializing in original serialized fiction, our initial offerings commence under the universal, yet sparsely explored theme of Saturn Rendezvous. 

Each of these topical companion stories will be released in timely installments, to be read separately or collated along the lines of our recommended schematic—if not a sequence of the reader’s choosing.  A subsequent novel offering will in due course complete the thematic trilogy.

Vaporback distribution channels include eBook, tablet, smartphone and hard-copy P.O.D.—or basic computer downloads.  More premium editions, featuring unabridged text, complementary photo-art, colorful illustrations, coordinated video/audio and music are in the offing.  Further engrossing, entertaining titles addressing other themes and topics are poised for future release.

In any event, you are invited to enjoy and follow the Vapor trail…