TM Saturn Rendezvous.
Reckoning In The SaturnSphere.  

In total, Saturn Rendezvous and its stories are works of fiction, and do not depict actual persons or events.  Any resemblance to people and places real, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

It visits (and revisits) some sensitive topics and painful, troubling issues, simply because they just keep Saturn returning—in the process, dramatically tackling head-on some of the thorniest, most contentious, intractable questions of the day.  Issues such as bigotry (latent and otherwise), as well as domestic violence, gender wars, homelessness and mental disorders.  Herein lie singular stories to be told, from a quite different perspective, exploring a phenomenon that touches most everyone more than once in their lifetimes.

Be advised that you enter this interplanetary world at your own psychic peril.  But this isn’t what you think.  Rather, here is a fairly center-grounded, earnest undertaking; haters, hush-hounds and extremists of all persuasions need not reply.  And remember that a good Vaporbook is not just about its subject, it’s about how it goes about its subject. Finally, what follows is a decidedly Dorsal Stream read…

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